Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

The security and privacy of the patients in your clinic is of the utmost concern to us at My-Cliniq.

As a rule, securing your data in the cloud provides higher standards of privacy and security than the ones achievable on a personal computer.

Nevertheless, we share your concerns about the security of your data in the cloud. That’s why we created an environment that upholds the most rigorous and uncompromising security practices available in the cyber security community.

As part of this effort, which includes many facets, the data is encrypted in the highest possible security standards. The communication between you and the cloud is encrypted in the most rigid security protocols. Lastly, even though the app is password-protected, from time to time you’ll be asked to verify your entry through a secondary platform, either randomly or if trying to access your data via a previously unused device.

In light of emerging privacy challenges, We at My-Cliniq are hard at work to stay current in regard to new vulnerabilities, periodically reassessing the risks and implementing the newest, best and most advanced security technologies.

We invite you to be cautious and vigilant together.

It is advised to make sure that any unauthorized persons will not be granted access to your personal password, to change the password regularly, to be aware of who has access to the devices that you use to access the app, and to not leave them unattended while connected to My-Cliniq.

If you have any suspicion there has been a security breach or unauthorized use, please contact us immediately.

We are, of course, at your service regarding any request or inquiry.

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