Our Vision

Our Vision

As therapists, we know how demanding the daily obligations of the job can be. We are aware of the additional load, and its potential for exhaustion, when it comes to keeping current of the ethical and legal requirements of documenting and managing a mental health clinic. From our experience, many of the tools designed to help lighten that load, often create the opposite effect.

That’s where My-Cliniq steps in.

We have created an app that offers real value, that is built from the ground up with the needs of therapists in mind, and that allows for a steady and convenient workflow. We’ve taken great care to streamline the routine demands of managing a clinic to a few minutes each day – including an automatically updated doctor’s log, and an innovative interface carefully designed to easily maintain patients’ medical records.

All that, while complying with the professional ethical and legal requirements, providing the highest levels of privacy and security, striving for constant improvement, applying the most advanced tools, and offering it at an affordable price.

We are in the initial stages of forming a community of mental health professionals that will take part in the development of My-Cliniq, as well as collaborate, share our knowledge and offer professional support.

You’re welcome to join us.


We – a therapist, a visual designer and a small team of programmers – have gathered together in order to apply our various skills and experiences in creating an innovative, efficient and convenient product. We love what we do, we believe in it, and are constantly working to improve upon the capabilities and the security of My-Cliniq – in consideration of the needs of our users, current trends and the development of new tools. It is our belief that treating our users as partners is paramount. We take pride in our ability to listen, to provide personal support when needed, and to produce a personalized experience for our users – even if further development is required. We are determined to continue the development of My-Cliniq indefinitely. We aim to advance and expand My-Cliniq’s capabilities into new domains. And to always be wherever the frontier might lie.
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