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My-Cliniq A Clinic Management Solution

Why an app
Why the Cloud?


Your data is neatly stored, making it effortless to add new information - or to retrieve whatever it is you’re looking for - even if it’s been a while.


Immediate and convenient access from any place, at any time, and on any device.

Security & Privacy

Storing information on the cloud is the best way to secure your data - much safer than keeping it on your personal computer.
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Efficiency & Automation

Automating your process can save time and effort. An automatically updating doctor’s log, automatically generated recurring appointments, automatic price, tax and tax debt calculation, reminders, notifications, task management and much more.


Completely compliant to the requirements of Israeli law and ethics, staying up to date and conforming to any change.

Encrypted Communication

Full patient confidentiality for medical records and appointment calendar.

Paper-free Invoices

Efficient, immediate, green and easily produced from any device without the need for a printer, as well as being easy to trace and retrieve.


A good app will handle the heavy-lifting, the need for constant attention and the hassle that’s involved in the bureaucratic duties of running a clinic, freeing you to focus on what’s most important.

Why My-Cliniq?

Intuitive & Aesthetic Workflow

My-Cliniq’s interface is carefully designed to suit the work process of therapists, transforming the administrative tasks into a process that’s effective, easy, convenient, speedy and even enjoyable.

Full Integrative Solution

Every aspect of clinic management is included: clinical, financial and administrative. The data is integrated in order to save time and effort.

Constantly Improving Development

Weeration with our users. My-Cliniq already includes unique features such as a secure private chat with patients, an expense report, tax reports, payment requisitions, and special tools that address group, family and couple therapy. are continuously developing and improving My-Cliniq, in coop.

Security & Privacy

My-Cliniq is a decentralized, encrypted system - taking no shortcuts and staying up to date.
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Automatic Backup

Cloud storage liberates you from manually backing up your data, keeping it safe and secure.

All-inclusive Pricing

No hidden fees, no restriction on the number of patients, and no additional cost for online paper-free invoices.

Customer Support

My-Cliniq is easy to use. We offer complimentary guidance by phone, Hebrew instructional videos on our YouTube Channel, as well as quick response times via email or Whatsapp.


אילן דיאמנט
Ilan Diamant PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor

I’m happy I switched to using the My-Cliniq app in my work as a clinical therapist. Even though I had my doubts, I was surprised at how easy it was to make the transition, and the many improvements it made in my day-to-day life. The app allows me to be up to date at any given moment on any aspect of my job, whether it’s finances or medical records, and any data that I need is easily available.

Another advantage of My-Cliniq is the tech support and their swift response. It’s an excellent app that is making my life easier.

אורן גרסטנהיבר
Oren Gerstheiber MSW
Clinical social worker, a cognitive behavioral therapist and a supervisor at the Israeli Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy
Clinical social worker, a cognitive behavioral therapist and a supervisor at the Israeli Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy I consider myself to be quite particular in the kind of technologies that I choose to work with. I’ve been through four different clinic management apps, and My-Clniq is the only one I’ve stuck to. It is the one app that actually helps carry the load, instead of making things more difficult and cumbersome. I started using My-Cliniq last October and since then my experience has only improved. It is very easy to use, any information that you need to stream your workflow is right in front of your eyes, and includes everything you might need for efficient management of a clinic. My-Cliniq helps me run the clinic both financially and professionally. Ami and Gali, the couple behind the app, are lovely. The fact that Ami handles support himself and cares deeply about privacy makes me at ease. They’re both available to answer any question, and solve technical issues fast. They listen to any needs that arise and are hard at work implementing new tools. I think any therapist would benefit from using My-Cliniq.
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