My-Cliniq takes great care to uphold the most rigorous security and privacy standards. All the information and communication is encrypted and secure. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that, as with any digital media, it is up to us as therapists to take extra caution.< For more information >>

My-Cliniq comes with a built-in, automatically generated doctor’s log that is both up to the standards of Israeli law and the Tax Authority.

Yes. All the data that’s logged into the app is backed up and secure. Any input is time stamped.

Yes. The app is approved by the Israeli Tax Authority. The approval also includes the necessary requirements to produce legal invoices.

My-Cliniq has data transfer capabilities. In need of assistance, please contact customer support with no additional cost.

My-Cliniq is easy to use and requires very little additional support. However, there are instructional videos on YouTube in Hebrew, and we are available to offer any assistance via email ([email protected]) or by Whatsapp (972-54-8080838). We can also schedule personal support by phone.

Yes. Your subscription can be discontinued at any time, with no extra cost. Your data can be extracted to a file or be printed out. The security of extracted information is, of course, at your own discretion.

My-Cliniq has been under development since 2016. We are a small team consisting of a therapist, a visual designer and three programmers.

We’ve gathered together to develop a convenient, aesthetic and enjoyable clinic management solution that is secure and can be offered at an affordable price.

Our goal is to minimize the daily hassle that is part of clinic management, in order to free therapists to focus on what matters most.

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The use of invoices that are fully compliant with the Israeli Tax Authority is available immediately upon registration, after setting a personal title and signature. It’s very important to set the initial invoice numbering via the app. We recommend determining a much higher initial number (by 10,000 or even a 100,000) from your last used invoice, in order to efficiently distinguish invoices produced by My-Cliniq.

In any case, we advise you to consult your accountant regarding this matter.

You can, but we do not recommend it. Producing invoices through My-Cliniq is more convenient, inexpensive and allows you to fully utilize the integrated doctor’s log.

Yes. Detailed appointment information is available.

You can easily set that up through the tax settings menu.

Yes.You can produce transaction invoices via My-Cliniq, and generate a receipt upon payment.

Yes. My-Cliniq has the option to create a list of subsidiary institutions, including setting up different types of appointments and payment options to each institution.

Yes. My-Cliniq has robust features specifically created for dealing with different kinds of group therapy, including appointment-specific attendance tracking for each patient

Yes. However, it should be noted that the interface is currently available in English and Hebrew. Please contact us if you prefer using another language, so we could provide a conversation with no additional cost.

Of course. However, some adjustments may be required in order to comply with the laws of your country. You may also need to consult a local lawyer and accountant. Please contact us for more information.

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