Why an App. Why the Cloud.

Why an App. Why the Cloud.

Using an app is justified only if it eases the therapist’s work.
In practice, many clinic management apps aren’t only unhelpful, but actually get in the way.


The right clinic management app can provide:

Organization & Efficiency

Easy input and access to all of your data, at any time, according to your needs – even after years of use – whether it’s clinical, financial or administrative.

With the right app, that emphasises presentation of the relevant data, the need to search minimizes.

For example, the right app can provide easy input and immediate access to clinical data, financial obligations, past payments and tax information, using old documents as a basis for newer ones, and much more.

Integration & Automation

A well designed app provides integration and automation – presenting data where it’s relevant without the need to manually input it over and over.


For example, features may include an automatically updated doctor’s log, recurring appointments, reminders and notifications, periodical automatic reports, and much more.

Paper-free Management

Managing your clinic on the cloud makes the use of paper redundant. No more filing, looking up documents and struggling with illegible handwriting.


Managing your clinic on the cloud provides easy and immediate access to all of your data. The information is available at any time, anywhere, and on any device – whether it’s your computer, your phone or tablet. Access through your personal smartphone is helpful at times when there’s no computer available, or if the use of one is inconvenient.

Security & Privacy

Keeping data secure is a constant challenge, in light of the increasing phenomenon of online data gathering.


Managing your clinic on the cloud allows you to always be on the forefront of data security, since a good app can constantly update its security measures to match the latest developments.


A good app can also encrypt your data better than your personal computer or phone. In addition to clinical data, an app can secure your appointment calendar (free solutions currently don’t uphold the required standards), communication with patients (via IMs and video chat) and much more, to reduce the risk of exposure.


With high-end encryption, even if access to your data is achieved, there’s almost no way to decrypt it.


Nevertheless, always keep in mind that even with these measures taken, it is up to us as therapists to take extra caution.

Legal & Ethical Solution

Upholding the legal and ethical requirements, including the need for constant documentation, is of high value to a therapist’s work. At the same time, keeping the necessary provisions, and staying up to date on the most recent changes, can be cumbersome and overwhelming.


A well designed app can provide an integrated solution to the legal and ethical requirements in regards to documentation and other aspects of clinic management.


Furthermore, managing your clinic on the cloud opens the door for constant updates to these requirements, whenever needed.

Seamless Workflow

A well designed app on the cloud will handle the heavy-lifting, the need for constant attention and the hassle that’s involved in the bureaucratic duties of running a clinic, freeing the therapist to focus on the work.
Good software allows you to focus your attention on therapy.